Toon Blast is an ultimate puzzle game. You can apply your skills here and have the unique gameplay. Help Cooper Cat, Wally Wolf, and Bruno Bear solve zanny puzzles and blow up the rainbow-colored cubes. Create powerful combos that you can use to pass the levels. Help them to survive their wild adventures and travel the magical worlds. Have fun and have fun!

Toon Blast cheats & Tips

Use booster wisely

It’s hard to have boosters and power-ups in the game. Toon Chest and Star Chest can give you boosters, but you can only get them in a couple of times. Use boosters wisely and use them only when you think you really need them.

Do not be worried about the stars

Depending on how well you play the game level, you can start up to three starts. Stars play no role in the game. Once you reach level 15, you also unlock the star chest. Star box needs 20 stars for you to open. In fact, the launches you have collected before Level 15 is completely wasted, so you do not have to worry about stars.

Connect with a team

If you finish level 20, you can join a team. It’s nice to have a team! Players who meet with one goal: Complete all levels in Toon Blast. Choose a random team or create your own – creating costs a lot of coins. Having a team is a big advantage for you. You can ask her for a pick-me-up if you run out of life. Make sure that you bring back the favor in the end, also help them when they need you.

Go to the big lumps

Do not be happy with the little combo you see. Dream for big pieces and plan your moves! Rockets, bombs, and globes can certainly help you reach your limit, especially if there is something to complete. Combine special pieces for dramatic effects. Plan and have good luck, so you get the two special pieces right next to each other.

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Reserve your movements

After completing the objectives on one level, your remaining moves will automatically turn random blocks on the board into rockets. It’s better to have more moves because you can earn more points at the last hurray. Reserve and save your moves, be diligent so you can earn more points later!

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